What is an adventure buggy tour?

At Estepona Buggys you can drive your very own adventure buggy through the numerous winding mountain trails of Marbella and the hidden Costa Del Sol. We will guide you around the roads to many beautiful places around Estepona and explain the history of the area and some interesting facts about the wildlife and geology. We will also explain the peculiarities of driving a buggy and how to do it safely.

Is a buggy tour safe?

An Estepona buggys tour is safe and fun for people of all ages and fitness levels. Estepona Buggys offers a unique outdoor experience while testing your driving skills by overcoming the obstacles on the dusty roads. Estepona buggys offers an incredible adventure and a unique opportunity to explore the most beautiful and isolated mountain ranges of Andalucia and you only need a driver’s license.

Can beginners drive your buggys?

On our tours, we always offer an introduction to those who have never driven a buggy before, but if you can drive a car then a buggy will be a piece of cake. You will feel the road much more than driving a normal car as you will be closer to the ground with only a bodywork frame around you. You may feel you are traveling at a much higher speed being so close to the ground but it lets you experience the real outdoors safely and you may even see some wild animals. Estepona Buggys are built for such environments and they have wheels and suspension designed with extra dexterity to handle off-road driving.

Do you have guides for the tours?

We have a professional, experienced buggy guide so you don’t have to worry. Our driver has over 10 years experience and he knows how to handle the buggys. Even if the ground is muddy or the trail is rough, our guide will keep you safe. We always have 2 seat buggys available for our customers which means you will always be able to ride in style and comfort. At Estepona Buggys we are all about having fun and making sure everyone has a great time. When you join us on one of our tours, you will have the opportunity to really let loose and have some fun. We want to make sure that everyone is having a great time and that no one makes any mistakes that could lead to injury or other problems.

Get away from the city

Book a tour and leave the busy city behind and get away from all the main resorts to discover the dusty trails of Estepona and Marbella. The beauty of the high up inland regions will let you see an entirely different perspective of this stunning Spanish coastline. Expose yourself to the amazing rocky landscape of Estepona and take in the beautiful sights while enjoying the many off-road trails. With Estepona Buggys you will experience a dusty and sometimes wet environment but it’s all about fun. You can easily see the North African coast of Morocco as it juts out of the sea across from Gibraltar.

Open 365 days a year

Estepona Buggys is open all year round but we have specific times slots for each tour during the day. Be prepared for lots of dust in the summer and perhaps getting a little wet and muddy in the other seasons, but remember it’s all about fun. Goggles will be provided to all drivers and passengers and we advise you to wear them at all times in case stones may be kicked up from the buggy in front.

We are a fully licenced company

All our buggies are road legal and are 2 seater automatics which make them very easy to drive. At Estepona Buggys, we believe everyone should try off-road driving at least once in their life and tick it off the bucket list. We offer a 2hr tour and a 3hr tour. Our 2 hr tour is based in the mountains but our 3hr tour ends on the beach where everyone can relax and choose to have a swim. Departure location : Corner of Camino de Montesol and Calle del Buho ( see Google Maps)

Our licence number from Junta Andalucia is RTA: AT/MA/00386